Peel Region Model Railroaders

If you are a model railroader - or want to be - and live

in or close by the Peel Region of WA

please contact us for a chat about joining our group


To create a group of like-minded model railroaders in the Mandurah area who want to come together to discuss all things 'trains,' to help members with their layouts and to operate more complete layouts.

Scale and Prototype

Due to the small number of railroad modellers in the region the group is open to people who have an interest in any scale - Z, N, HO O & G, - or any prototype country - American, British, European or Australian.

Peel Region

Peel, WA


The NMRA (National Model Railroad Association) in Australia is open to all scales and prototypes and is not specifically American. In fact almost half their membership model Australian prototypes. What is important about the NMRA is that they offer groups like ours insurance cover for meetings, open homes and conventions. Consequently all members of the group will be required to join NMRA (the cost is only $30 per year) so that the Peel Region Model Railroaders can become a 100% member club of the NMRA.

Group Officers

There are none. Dennis Turner will act as a co-ordinator, but that is all. If we have to make a decision, it will be done by the group as a whole.


Once we have a vaccine for this COVID-19 virus we will either meet at Dennis's layout room in Greenfields or at another members home. Click on the blog page for details of Dennis's garage and layout.

Contact Us

If you are interested in joining our group please call Dennis on 0418 211 108 or email