Truckers Terminal Elevator Inc.

Fireman’s Grain Elevator

The Truckers Terminal Elevator was also known as the Fireman’s Grain Elevator and for many years had stood 120 feet tall at 20th Street and Wazee at the center of abandoned small buildings and remnants of Denver's rail and distribution heritage. It was imploded in 1992 to make way for Coors Field.

Denver Elevator Co.

According to the "Rio Grande Freight Traffic Guide" of 1951 (Tramway Press, 1983) the Denver Elevator Co.'s Grain Elevator stood at the corner of 22nd Street and Brighton Blvd which is at the other end of Coors field. There is no mention in that guide of a Truckers Terminal Elevator or the Fireman’s Grain Elevator and there is no information available of the Internet to shed any light on its activities.


I was however lucky enough to photograph the Elevator in 1991, just a few months before its destruction in 1992. Local Denver photographer, Kim Allen ( had also taken a few photographs during the 1980s. He also took photographs of the implosion. You can view all of his photographs of the Elevator at

Truckers Terminal Elevator. July 1, 1991 © Dennis Turner

Truckers Terminal Elevator. July 1, 1991 © Dennis Turner

Taken from 19th St & Wazee St. 1988 © Kim Allen (

Taken from 23rd St & Blake St looking SW. 1985 © Kim Allen (